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#1 What are The Lung Shu Points?

Who is Richard Lai and what are Lung Shu Points?

In this first episode, get to know me as a person: Richard Lai and what I stand for. If you listen to my podcasts you'll notice a theme: I'm a big proponent for working towards a goal day in and day out, no matter how small the step because:

Small steps over time, lead to big results.

So a little bit about me:

I’m a NJ native, educated at Northeastern University receiving both my Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I also received my Acupuncture degree at Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Bloomfield NJ. Basically, I am a Physical Therapist and an Acupuncturist. I got into the field to help as many as people as possible, i’m finding that via education I can help even more people! I am happily married to my Mrs and we are so lucky to have our beautiful daughter.

Currently I work as the Regional Director for Education and Development for a Rehab Company with facilities in Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I myself oversee operations New Jersey and Pennsylvania. What drives me is seeing the twinkle in a clinician's eyes when they finally get it, when they remember, WOW this is why I came into healthcare: to help and serve as many people as possible. I want as many people to realize that in order to do that, we need to be life long learners, constantly learning about the best interventions, systems, protocols, programs, technologies etc.. you name it.. anything that can help our patients recover and live again to their fullest potential. Currently my position allows me to affect clinicians (Physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses etc...) in centers devoted to Sub Acute, Long term nursing and Assisted, as well Independent living. My focus is care and clinical skills while keeping your eye on important business metrics, and I strongly believe that when these two are honed and provided with a passionate heart and hand, that no matter what: your clinic doors will stay open. I have had the honor to work in all types of settings, outpatient, sports teams, inpatient, subacute, assisted living... serving populations in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. I privately practice through my own company combining Physical Therapy, Fitness and Acupuncture. I strongly believe in the medicine of Acupuncture and its effect in conjunction with western medicine. Outside of work, I am a father, a devoted husband, and I have many hobbies: mostly technology related: photography & videography with all of its bells and whistles. As well as playing in the dirt with video editing and photo editing with software such as Light Room, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audition. I capture as much of life as possible on photo and video.

In this episode I talk about the Lung Shu Points (Antique Points)

The Lung Shu Points are:

Jing-Well (Wood)

Ying-Spring (Fire)

Shu-Stream (Earth)

Jing-River (Metal)

He-Sea (Water)


Shàoshāng LU-11

Yújì LU-10

Tàiyuān LU-9

Jīngqú LU-8

Chǐzé LU-5

One one the memorize these 5 is to place them in the order of the 5 elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth. Here is how you read this graphic... Lung is a yin channel and so the Jing well point is the wood element which is Lung 11. This graphic starts with Wood in the top left at Lung 11, from there we go to the Fire point which is Lung 10. After fire is the Earth point which is Lung 9, then comes the metal point and lastly but not leastly the water point which is Lung 5 the He Sea.

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