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Hey Everyone!

Dr Richard Lai
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I’m Dr. Richard Lai DPT L.Ac and my passion is helping students and Acupuncturists thrive.

If you're at my page you're probably like me when i went through University and Acupuncture school... I felt like there just wasn't enough time to get into the material and teachers didn't have enough time to teach in a way that made me understand it.  


When I was in school I sat there tired and confused because number one I was working full time, plus I was working extra per diem jobs to make extra money to pay back the student loans I had. So working a full time job, going to school at night and on weekends, working per diem hours all while trying to maintain a relationship with my fiance.

And when I started to prepare for the boards - I was freaking out - because I was also preparing for a WEDDING. I needed to work the per diem hours to make money to pay for the wedding, but I also needed to study so I could pass!


Scary right? Somehow I got married in November, graduated in December and took all 3 board exams and passed within 4 months. HOW? I did this through a rock solid frame work which I present to you for through my Acupuncture content!

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