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#9 Test Taking Strategy: Heart Organ Theory

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Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness

Today we talk about the HEART!! Key things to know about the heart!

In this episode we talk all things Heart Organ related

  1. Key Symptoms

  2. Key Pathologies

  3. Sample Test Question

  4. Test Taking Strategies

Heart governs blood, governs the blood vessels and houses the mind.

The heart manifests in the complexion, your complexion can tell a lot about the health and status of the heart, and in turn qi and blood, and if you really think about it: the complexion tells a lot about the spirit!

Complexion can also let you know if there is qi deficiency, blood deficiency, or yang deficiency

The heart opens into the tongue, the tongue is the OFFSHOOT of the heart

Heart 7 Shen Men - great point for heart blood deficiency symptoms!

As always, God bless and Happy Studying!

- Dr. Lai

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