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#5 Yuan Source Points & Coronavirus Update

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The only limits in our life are those that we impose on ourselves. - Bob Proctor

In this episode, I give you an update on my personal life, what I’ve been going through during this pandemic as a Physical Therapist and Father; specifically the measures I have to take with my wife and my new born 8 month old baby girl because I am working directly Coronavirus patients

Then we dive into the mission of this Acupuncture Masterclass which is to give you the education and confidence in Acupuncture as a medicine so that you can pass the board exams and become the best Acupuncturist ever.

Today we go over in-depth the YUAN SOURCE POINTS

Yuan Source Points

  • Yin channel Yuan source points are always the 3rd point from distal to proximal

  • Yang channel Yuan Source points are generally the 4th point with the exception of GB 40

For example:

Lung 9 is the 3rd point from Distal to Proximal; the most distal point of the Lung channel is Lung 11

What is it used for?

Yuan source points can be used to diagnose disease in the Five Yin Organs (Lungs, Heart, Spleen, Liver and Kidney)

Palpate and assess the skin over the source points; notice any changes or abnormalities; this may indicate pathology in the YIN ORGAN’S FUNCTION

Using the Yin channel’s yuan source point can tonify that organ

But what about the yang organs?

Yang yuan source points can be used for excess conditions and to expel exterior pathogenic factors

Take one of the most popular points: Large Intestine 4

What do you use Large Intestine 4 for?

release the exterior; expel wind

BOOM; look at those actions - excess condition & expel external pathogenic factors; in this case WIND!

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