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#19: Here's Why It's Okay to Take a Break

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

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... I was exhausted - mentally, physically, emotionally and it was affecting me in multiple buckets of my life

If you're like me - it helps to hear someone affirm that it's okay for you to take a break. If I ever spend time on myself and do things that I like to do - this immense guilt comes over me and it manifests by an over-extension of my love language to my spouse. My love language is acts of service and so if I'm going to go out and do something for myself - i make sure that dinner is cooked, everything is set, my daughter's clothes for bed-time are set up; every need that my family may have while i'm gone i try to anticipate and meet.

So this episode is about just that - my life and my full time work and this Study Acupuncture brand that I've been building and that i'm so GRATEFUL to you all who have been loyally following. BUT it came to a point where I was hitting a wall and on top of working more than 8 hours a day, taking care of the family, doing the bath-time and the bed time routine and then right after my daughter is asleep - i jump on the computer and I edit Study Acupuncture Instagram Posts and Podcast episodes and the website and then all of the sudden it's 12 o clock and I'm going to wake up in 4 hours and wake up to all that tomorrow demands of me again.

So in this episode I talk about

  1. exactly why it's OKAY to take a break

  2. the difference between physically with your family and being PRESENT

  3. about the buckets in my life I try to fill

  4. about a story that made me change the way I parent

  5. how I gave myself permission to take a break


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