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#17 When Do You Use LI-6?

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As the LUO point of the Large Intestine Channel LI-6 can be used in a couple different ways; check out my Acupuncture Masterclass Episode #00 to hear me speak about Luo points!

Luo Point uses

  • Connects interiorly/exteriorly related channel

  • Treats the area that it connects to (LI-6 connects to Ears and Teeth

  • Guest Host Method

Where is this point?

First you find LI-5; then you take find LI-11; LI-6 is found along a line connecting these two points

LI-5 -> LI-11 is 12 CUN

LI 5 -> LI 6 is 3 cun

Take the distance from LI 5 - LI 11 and divide that line into 4 quarters of 3 cun

LI-6 is found on the closest quarter to LI-5 … 3 cun proximal to LI-5

How do I needle this point?

this point is needled TRANSVERSE OBLIQUELY up to 1 cun

What are its uses?

  • SInce it is the LUO point of the large intestine, and we know that the Luo point is connected to the Luo Channel, the Luo channel goes up to the jaw and ears. SO this point can treat tinnitus or jaw pain or even tooth pain.

  • As the Luo point, it causes Large Intestine and Lung to join because they are interiorly/exteriorly related. Luo points connect and are located between two channels. So you can use the Luo point of one channel to treat ailments related to the related channel. In t LI-6 case you can use it to release the exterior and access the Lung’s ability to control the exterior of the body.

    • For example if there is wind invasion or some other form of exterior invasion

    • LI-6 can be used to regulate water passages (due to its connection with the LUNG

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