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#16 Accomplish Your Goals with this Simple Formula EP 16

Listen to the Podcast here:

My favorite success quote:

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out - Robert Collier

This Acupuncturist podcast is a letter to myself and to my daughter - I want her to look at me and know I'm trying my very best to provide for her and our family. I want her to know that through small consistent efforts over time anyone can win; I want her to have a growth mindset and the attitude that she can do anything as long as she tries.

In this podcast I talk about what are NON-NEGOTIABLES and the formula to accomplish any goal which is:

  • Have a goal and a time frame

  • Break it up into bite sized chapters

  • Break up those chapters into daily non-negotiables

  • Repeat non-negotiables until the bite size chapter is complete

  • Complete all bite sized chapters

  • Until you complete the goal that is composed of those bite sized chapters, and you do this within the time frame you established

I also talk about one of my favorite athletes and his effect on my work ethic. As i'm updating this website I want to share something else Kobe said which has really taken to me. I'll paraphrase here, but he says: Don't look at what I did, look at how i did it

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