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#12 A Must Listen for All Acupuncture Students

Listen to the Podcast here:

Michelina Kraus M.Ac instagram: FOYAcupuncture Facebook: Michelina Kraus

Jason Kraus BELLY RUBBINS FOR BUBBINS - 51% of all proceeds go to the cause Mindful Coach Services

We unpack:

  1. How to start your own Acupuncture Clinic

  2. How specializing opened up your practice up to more patients

  3. How she incorporates Chinese herbal serums into her practice

  4. How to use social media to reach out to all different types of patients

  5. How to overcome insecurities

  6. What she wishes she knew in Acupuncture school to prevent burn out

  7. How to use mindfulness in order to pass the board exam

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As always, God bless and Happy Studying!

- Dr. Lai

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