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#51: Review of a CBD product: Poutee Active Pain Relief Oil

Poutee Hot + Cold Oil

  • CBD type: Broad Spectrum

  • CBD potency: 600mg, 1200mg, 2400mg per 3.4 fl oz bottle

  • COA: Available on their website

  • Third-party tested: YES

  • Use code "SAWM" for 50% off

Dr. Richard Lai's Review

SUMMARY: Overall I like the product for its effect and price

According to Poutee, this oil soothes sore muscles and is a great moisturizing self-care ritual for everyday aches and pains.

This oil contains 600mg, 1200mg, or 1200mg THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD. It also contains Menthol and Camphor which are also good for pain relief.

The company uses US Grown Organic Hemp and is part of the 1% for the Planet pledge - so they donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental awareness companies.

This cream is tested at a third party linbrary and they display their COA on their website

Pros and Cons


  • It’s super organic and environmentally friendly

  • It comes in 3 different strengths

  • It's transparent in its ingredients

  • And it has other ingredients in it like menthol, camphor, peppermint oil for more pain relief effect

  • Offers returns if requested within 14 days


  • No variation to the sizes, it only comes in the 100ml bottle which some would a consider a con

  • Not too many online reviews

  • only delivers to USA and Canada


Hi everyone! So recently I went to Taiwan and Korea for the first time in a LONG TIME! What made this trip different and special was that for the first time in my adult life - I was able to bring my wife and my daughter! I'm an American born Chinese person and my family is all from Taiwan - and when I was younger my mom would bring us to Taiwan every summer. So Taiwan has a special place in my heart, so bringing my wife and my daughter there was very special.

While we were there we got to see my family, most of which the last time I saw them, we were in high school or grammar school - and now ... our KIDS were able to play together and run through the streets of Taipei together. So it was really a special time

We also got to go to Korea - this was the big purpose of the trip - because my wife's little brother was getting married! So that was also just a wonderful event to be a part of and for my daughter to be able to see. Her family in Korea really took us in and it really made me appreciate the importance of a strong family unit.

So while we were in Taiwan/Korea, we walked A LOT, and we carried our stroller everywhere we went. In Taiwan the MRT subway system had handy elevators, but in Korea some of the Subway stops didn't have elevators so I was carrying the stroller up and down stairs - my point is - MY LEGS FELT IT! So I decided to try POUTEE ACTIVE which is a CBD OIL on my knees, IT Band, and gastrocs every other day to see if it would help.

In the past before I was an Acupuncturist, we travelled to Italy and we didn't have a daughter yet at that time, and we walked EVERYWHERE - and my IT BAND would act up and I would be limping by the end of the day. So this time I incorporated this CBD OIL, soft tissue massage, stretching and bought a new pair of shoes before the trip - just to see if all of these 1% improvements would make a difference

And honestly it really did, buying a new pair of shoes gives your feet the shock absorption it needs as you're pounding pavement through the city streets... and just like with runners - maintenance of the legs is really important, so incorporating soft tissue massage, stretching, foam rolling is all really important to maintaining your legs as you're running.

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