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#25 - Florida Banning Acupuncturists from using the title Doctor?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

So this episode was actually made as soon as I heard about the two bills in Florida regarding health care titles. Sb230 and HB 583 clarifies the use of Physician and Doctor when practicing medicine and osteopathic medicine. Although this bill doesn't directly call Acupuncturists out, it doesn't INCLUDE us in it - if you watch my episode i include screenshots of the disciplines it does include. It includes Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses, Anesthesiology Assistants and clarifies titles for them regarding doctor; however not for Acupuncturists.

This is an opportunity for inclusion - a wise friend of mine who is an expert in diversity - his name is Tade Ayeni (if you'd like to connect with him on Linkedin. He taught me about the importance of diversity but also the importance of INCLUSION. I feel like this really applies to us as Acupuncturists.

In school and at work - they place an important emphasis on DIVERSITY, meaning "wow we see so many different faces."

This on the surface seems really great - the question is: Yes I'm happy there's diversity, how about inclusion?

Inclusion means - all the different faces have a voice and the voice is heard. So is there inclusion? ARE ALL VOICES HEARD? or are only a select few leading the conversation and making decisions?

In the case of SB230 and HB583 - although it really specifies Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and the use of Doctor and Physician in those settings - the bill makes an effort to include Chiropractic Physicians, Doctor of Dentistry... so although there are many faces in healthcare - only some are seen/with voice.

So please take a listen to my podcast for further details and do your part in advocating for our profession!

Studying for the Acupuncture Board Exam

Here are the other ones you should be familiar with and be able to perform differential diagnosis for:

  1. Yin/Yang Theory

  2. Five Elements Theory (Wu Xing)

  3. Eight Principles

  4. Qi, Blood, Body Fluids Theory

  5. Channel Theory

  6. Organ Theory

  7. Six Stages Theory

  8. Four Levels Theory

  9. Triple Burner THeory

  10. Etiology Theory like External / Internal or Miscellaneous Causes of

God Bless and Happy Studying

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